If you are seeking a build method that is energy efficient, simple to use, fast to construct, and cost-effective then British-manufactured Ecobrix insulated concrete form (ICF) units are the solution you are looking for.

Ecobrix wall form units are made of woodcrete – recycled wood mixed with cement. This results in a form of fossilised wood, as strong as conventional blockwork but with the thermal efficiency of timber. Polyurethane insulation incorporated within each wall form unit further enhances the thermal performance.

The hollow units are dry stacked together on site to form walls. Since they simply lock together, assembling the units is quick and easy. Once assembled the units are filled with ready-mix concrete. A low-slump concrete mix can be poured at temperatures that would halt conventional brick and block laying. When the concrete has set, the wall form provides exceptional levels of insulation and airtightness.

Ecobrix can save you up to 30% compared to the cost of traditional brick and block masonry.

Building with Ecobrix woodcrete ICF offers a range of unique benefits and meets all upcoming and future regulations and recommendations for sustainable building construction. Click here to find out more about the specific benefits.