Will building with ICF increase resale value?

Building with ICF could increase the resale value of your property.

Whether or not you’re planning to sell once built it’s reassuring to know that Durisol ICF has several features which could make your build more attractive to potential buyers.

How building with ICF may increase resale value

Lower running costs

The design of Durisol ICF wall form units makes them thermally efficient and reduces energy costs in a building. The insulation is external to the concrete core and wraps around the full envelope of the wall. The resulting thermal mass effect reduces heating costs as the energy/heat in the wall transfers back into the cooler air.

Building with Durisol ICF can deliver low u values which means substantial savings on heating bills.

Structural integrity and longevity

Durisol buildings are six to nine times stronger than those made with traditional construction materials and have wind and fire resistance. Also, the hygroscopic nature of the Durisol ICF material is termite and vermin proof.

Anyone buying a building constructed with Durisol will have the reassurance that their future property has been built to last.

Healthy environment

ICF buildings create healthy environments. The Durisol ICF material is inert with no volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) or off-gasing. Furthermore, the cement content of the Durisol material creates an above average pH environment at the wall surface. This effect inhibits the growth of mould and fungi and supports a healthier indoor environment.


There is an increasing demand for greener buildings, and Durisol ICF is a sustainable product. The manufacturing process uses recycled clean softwood waste material that would otherwise end up in landfill. This process sequesters the carbon in the wood that would otherwise release into the environment during natural decay of the waste material. Coupled with the energy savings resulting from the thermal efficiency, Durisol ICF is an environmentally sound building material.

Regardless of whether you’re concerned about the future resale value of your ICF property or not, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of building with ICF when you use Durisol.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of building with Durisol ICF and get a quote for your project, please contact us on 01495 249400.