Flooring systems and Durisol ICF

The type of flooring is an important consideration when designing your new build.

Durisol ICF creates a concrete frame within the formwork so it can easily incorporate a range of flooring systems.



Compatible flooring systems include:

  • Timber joists and/or Posi joists
  • Block and beam and/or concrete plank
  • Lewis Deck Dovetailed sheeting

Flooring systems and Durisol ICF

Timber joists

In house building where timber floors are often preferred, it is quick and easy to bolt a wall plate to the Durisol wall and introduce joist hangers in the usual way.

Timber floor joists

Block and beam

Alternatively, for solid floors such as block and beam or precast plank floors, these can bear directly onto the concrete core. Following the installation of the floors, the building of the Durisol walls can continue above.

Block and beam flooring

LEWIS metal deck

LEWIS dovetailed metal decking forms part of a joisted flooring system. The system allows for a profiled metal deck to be laid on top of the joists. A thin screed (typically 50mm) is then applied to create a solid floor. The benefit of using a LEWIS deck is that it allows the installation of underfloor heating as well as having excellent acoustic and fire-resistant properties. The flooring system easily connects to a Durisol wall using a timber wall plate in the same way one would connect a conventional timber joist floor.

Lewis Deck floor

There is a multitude of flooring systems available on the market. Given that the Durisol walls contain a concrete frame which the floor can either mechanically fix or bear directly onto we aren’t aware of any flooring systems that are incompatible with the Durisol system.

For more details on integrating flooring systems with Durisol, please see our Technical Manual and Build Guide.