How building with woodcrete ICF can help prevent interstitial condensation

One of the advantages of building with woodcrete ICF is a reduced risk of interstitial condensation.

What is interstitial condensation?

Interstitial condensation is caused by moisture-laden air travelling through the porous fabric of walls (through tiny cracks and holes), cooling as it gets closer to the outside and then condensing to form water droplets.

The resulting dampness within the wall cavity is highly damaging. It can rot wooden or corrode steel structural components, soak into specific types of insulation, and lead to mould formation.

Designing your building to reduce the risk of interstitial condensation is vital.

How does building with woodcrete ICF help prevent interstitial condensation?

Tests have proven that a solid woodcrete ICF wall is not liable to suffer interstitial condensation. At Durisol, we’ve used software modelling to see if the dew point is reached within the wall under different seasonal conditions and found there to be no risk in the UK.

Furthermore, there are several other factors which make woodcrete ICF a sensible choice:

  • Durisol is made from mineralised recycled timber so does not rot, ever.
  • Durisol woodcrete houses tend to use minimal steelwork, which is encased in concrete and wrapped in Durisol. This acts as a vertical drain allowing any moisture to drain down and away.
  • Woodcrete creates an above average pH environment (alkaline) which inhibits mould formation. The hygroscopic nature of the material also draws moisture from the air, thus reducing the relative humidity and removing conditions in which mould can form.
  • If water condenses and remains in a wall, it has the potential to freeze and expand. This action causes traditional blockwork to crack and then allow in more water. Durisol has a more open matrix so is less susceptible to this phenomenon of frost shattering.

Durisol woodcrete ICF is a recycled material with decades of global performance to demonstrate its ability to remove water quickly and avoid the other issues it can bring.


Image credit: Pixabay