What is woodcrete ICF?

Durisol is a woodcrete ICF (insulating concrete formwork), first developed in Belgium in 1937 by the Swiss nationals August Schnell and Alex Bosshard.

How is woodcrete ICF created?

We create the woodcrete by chipping specially graded recycled waste wood into wood fibre and then mineralising the chips to neutralise the natural sugars. After mineralisation, the wood chips are bonded together with  Cem 1 cement. The resulting cement-bonded wood fibre mix, the woodcrete, is then moulded and stamped out to form the Durisol ICF units.

What are the benefits of woodcrete ICF?

There are many advantages to using woodcrete ICF as your build material, namely:

  • ICF made from woodcrete is highly energy efficient. The concrete mass within the wall creates a heat store which levels out the temperature changes within a building. Also, with Durisol ICF forms, we place the insulation primarily on the exterior of the concrete mass. Positioning the insulation here allows the transfer of heat/energy between the concrete mass and the interior space to maximise any thermal mass gains.
  • Woodcrete wall form units are relatively lightweight so easy to work with but sturdy enough to require minimal bracing before the concrete pour.
  • You can screw and nail directly into ICF walls made from woodcrete.
  • Woodcrete is inherently fireproof as the mineralisation process makes it inert.
  • Woodcrete does not support capillary action hence it is a non-cavity build.
  • Durisol woodcrete is  breathable but airtight (with certain finishes).
  • Woodcrete is vermin, termite, and insect proof and will not support fungus growth.
  • Woodcrete forms are environmentally safe, do not contain or emit any toxic elements, and are fully recyclable.

Woodcrete ICF has been successfully used for a wide variety of build projects across Europe since 1947. You can view some UK Durisol builds on our featured projects page.  If you’d like to find out how Durisol ICF could benefit your build, please call us on 1495 249400.