Client: Hector Dick

Location: Elgin, Scotland

Project: Self-build family home

The Project

This is a self-build project in Elgin in the north of Scotland. It’s currently a work in progress.

The completed project will be a 190m2 1.5 storey home.

The Challenge

Having worked as Durisol’s factory manager for six years, self-builder Hector Dick had no hesitation in choosing Durisol for his self-build project in Scotland. One of the key drivers behind his decision was the high thermal mass of Durisol which will ensure low heating bills in the finished house.

Another major factor in the decision to use Durisol is that the ICF units are suitable for construction in all weathers. When commencing a building project in the north of Scotland in December, the weather is a significant concern!

The Outcome

Hector started the build project over the Christmas period in 2017, ably assisted by a team of three. The trio included Durisol’s managing director, Derek Atkins, who is a close friend.

As well as being hands-on with the build, Derek gave the two builders who were new to Durisol training on Durisol construction.

Despite temperatures as low as -4 and never reaching above 2 degrees centigrade, the build continued without interruption. The concrete pour into the walls took place when the outside temperature was just zero degrees. The temperature was not a problem because as soon as the concrete is inside the walls, it becomes insulated from cold.

It took just 10 days, with a maximum of four builders on site at any one time, to build up above lintel height across the entire ground floor.

Client Comment

Starting a build project at -4 is not ideal but as Derek demonstrated it is no problem when building with Durisol. I’m grateful to Derek for training a team that can carry on with my build as well as other Durisol projects in the north of Scotland.

Durisol ICF winter build
First few days of build
Durisol ICF winter build
1 week into build