New school build

New school building

Client: Bolton Council

Location: Bolton

Project: School build

The Project

The Birtenshaw charity has been caring for children with special needs since 1955. The pupils and staff at Birtenshaw Hall School needed a building with more open space to accommodate their increasing numbers.

The Challenge

The new facilities needed to be built quickly and the finished school needed to satisfy the performance requirements of BB93 Acoustic Design of Schools.

Durisol was selected to construct both the external and separating walls.

The Outcome

Contractors completed the wall structures within five months. This would not have been possible to achieve with other building methods.

The high density concrete structure and wet plaster internal finishes provided the necessary control of reverberation to aid speech intelligibility—a critical function for teaching children.

The new Birtenshaw school has a hydrotherapy pool, special classroom and interactive learning spaces plus a range of sensory and therapeutic facilities. It has been specifically designed for disabled children with wide corridors for easy wheelchair access.

Client Comment

The build exceeded all our expectations. The combination of the school being more pleasant and completely tailored to their needs has made the children much more settled, content and happier.