New-build housing development


Client: Four Twelve Homes

Architect: SDA Design Group

Location: Winchester

Project: New-build housing development

The Project

This project was a high-specification housing development in Winchester consisting of five detached houses and four two-bedroom apartments.

The entire apartment building and one of the five houses were built with Durisol ICF.

The Challenge

Keen to embrace modern methods of construction (MMC) and benefit from the speed and energy efficiency of ICF, Four Twelve Homes chose to build this entire housing development in ICF, a completely new product for them.

The developer began building the houses with the ICF that they’d chosen, but quickly ran into issues. Building the walls was fast and straightforward, but they needed significant propping before the concrete pour, which was time-consuming and challenging.

So, part-way through the project, Four Twelve Homes decided to switch to Durisol ICF for the rest of the build. Durisol has the energy efficiency properties of the original ICF but is quicker to construct as no propping is necessary. The weight of the woodcrete ICF units means that they stay perfectly in place before and during the concrete pour.

Durisol was used to build the last of the five homes and the entire apartment block.

The Build

Durisol provided on-site training for the building contractors and was readily on-hand to assist with any queries. Consequently, the team quickly gained confidence in building with Durisol, and despite this being a new construction method, the build progressed smoothly without any issues.

The two floors of the apartment building were constructed in just 10 days, including craning in the first-floor steels and installing the floor.

The exterior walls were clad with BrickPlus, a non-combustible panelised brick slip system to provide the aesthetic finish.

Client Comment

“Using ICF for this project was a leap of faith and risky for us. But unless you try new things, you’ll never know the benefits. Once we got into the building method, we found Durisol fantastic and didn’t have any problems. We’re glad we made the change.

We’ve already specified Durisol for our next project – a 45-unit five and six-storey apartment block in Southampton. And now, whenever we’re looking at a potential new project, the first consideration is whether we can use Durisol.”