Large detached home

New build on a sloping site

Location: Tamerton Foliot near Plymouth

Project: Large detached home

The Project

This large detached home with integral garage sits on a beautiful site overlooking the River Tamar and the Tamar bridge.

Durisol D365 was used for the envelope of the build, including the garage, all with full insulation. Durisol D250 was used for some internal walls, including a cinema room.

As the property is cut back into a sloping site, Durisol D365 units (without insulation) were used to create retaining walls.

Durisol 365 units used for retaining wall
Durisol 365 units used for retaining wall

Block and beam floors were integrated into the Durisol build to give solid floors with underfloor heating.

Block and beam floor

It was possible to create large openings throughout the project by forming the lintels within the Durisol face block.

Durisol lintels for window openings

Externally, the Durisol on the lower ground floor was finished using a natural stone slip (Zclad). The Zclad was bonded directly on to the Durisol with an external waterproof flexible high grab adhesive. Above this section, fibre cement board cladding was fixed via counter battens screwed directly into the Durisol. Tyvek structural guard was used behind the counter batten to act as a vapour barrier and airtightness solution.

Zclad and fibre cement cladding

Internally, the client opted for dot and dab plasterboard with a plaster skim.

The envelope of this build will give a u-value of 0.15, thereby creating a thermally efficient home.

Despite the builder being new to Durisol, the build was achieved swiftly without any problematic hiccups.