Contemporary new build

A modern self-build on a tricky site

Client: Ziggy and Sadie Hill-Seagroatt

Location: Plymstock, Devon

Project: Self-build 4-storey home

The Project

The client’s brief for this project was to create a modern contemporary thermally efficient house on a sloping site to a tight budget. Additionally, the client is a professional renderer and polished concrete specialist and envisaged using the finished property to showcase what is achievable through these mediums.

In true self-build style, the client also had a preference to save money by using construction methods that could be undertaken personally, without the need for specialised trades such as brick and block layers. For this reason, the client chose ICF and specifically Durisol woodcrete ICF for this project.

Additionally, one of the clients involved in this build is a professional renderer and polished concrete specialist. He planned to use the finished property to showcase what is achievable through these mediums.

The build was in a zone 4 location in terms of weather exposure. Therefore, it was essential to use substrate that could be readily rendered and made weathertight. Equally, the ability to fix cladding externally in such a way that it handled wind loadings and other weather effects was crucial.

The Challenge

An element of the house is retaining so the client required a solution that could become part of the envelope to save cost. ICF walls can be readily reinforced to perform retaining functions. In this case, the insulation within the Durisol units was reduced or removed entirely to increase the available core of concrete.

The clients always wanted the house to be a statement piece and chose a striking Dazzle Ship cladding design using imported cement board. The Durisol units take a coarse threaded screw without the need for drilling and plugging which sped up the build and once again enabled the client to do more themselves. With the substrate able to take wet render and plaster directly, all the finishes were applied by the client, again saving time and money.

The Outcome

The finished result is a quality build that achieved the aspirations of the client for an efficient, comfortable and striking home on a budget.