Contemporary new build home

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Client: Mr & Mrs Eames

Architect: ARC Survey & Design Consultant

Builder: Nene Valley Building and Renovations

Location: Stamford, near Peterborough

Project: Contemporary new build home

The Project

The client’s brief for this project was a modern contemporary home, that would be sustainable, thermally efficient and cost-effective to construct.

Just 15 months on from breaking ground the entire project was complete including groundworks, landscaping and the interior fit-out.

Builder Comment

“At first I felt a little bit apprehensive as you do when using any new material, especially when you’re building such a splendid house as this. But, as soon as the first walls started to rise, we soon got to grips with the process and were able to take advantage of its speed and adaptability on site. We also made the most of the other benefits like the use of coarse woodscrews directly into the blocks giving a good strong fixing for any shuttering we needed. I would certainly build with Durisol ICF again.”

Project Storyboard

Gallery 1 – showing the logic of the build and the limited materials required from DPC to the wall plate. The lintels were cast on-site. The client opted to use lightweight 100mm block for the internal walls, tied in by standard starter bars.  The joist wall plates were fixed back to the concrete area of the Durisol units.


Gallery 2 – second lift complete, windows in and external finish details starting to be applied – a base coat of Parex render.

Gallery 3 – final stages. A parge coat was applied to the internal walls to ensure the highest thermal and airtightness through the walls. The client opted to use a brick and stone façade with a Parex render system.