Commercial office space

New commercial building

Contractor: ELM Contracts (Contracting) Ltd

Architect: Paul Robinson Partnership PRP

Location: Great Yarmouth

Project: Commercial office space

The Project

This project was to create an energy-efficient commercial office space for use as a call centre. It was the second time of building with Durisol ICF for the contractor, Elm Contracts (Contracting) Ltd.

Durisol D300 PIR was placed directly onto a raft foundation. Free-standing steel was used within the Durisol frame, at the client’s request, to carry mezzanine floors and create hidden space within the building for storage and cabling. The building was clad in 8mm Rockpanel which was fixed to 38mm batten making the most of the pullout strength within the face of the Durisol.

Durisol ICF laid on raft foundation
Durisol laid on raft foundation
Durisol ready for first concrete pour
Ready for first concrete pour
Durisol build showing free standing steel
Free-standing steel frame
Durisol ready for final concrete pour
Ready for final concrete pour
Durisol build concrete pump
Concrete pump in action
Durisol commercial build complete
Landscaping and final fishes

The Outcome

The finished result is a highly thermal and fire-resistant build that also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Finished build