Barn conversion

Change of use to create a family home

Location: Near Okehampton

Project: Agricultural barn conversion

The Project

This project was the conversion of a modern steel frame agricultural building to a four-bedroom contemporary home.

The developer chose Durisol for this project, having used Durisol woodcrete ICF previously on another build.

The concrete panels were removed from the lower portions of the existing steel frame structure to leave the steel frame.

original concrete panels in steel frame

concrete panels removed

Durisol D365 units were used as infill between the uprights and tied into the steel to form a strong envelope with a u-value of 0.15.

durisol being used as infill

durisol walls complete

A mezzanine floor was internally fixed into the Durisol concrete core to provide two-storey accommodation. The Durisol element took just 10 days, including cutting around steels and the concrete placement.

Externally, Parex render was applied directly to the Durisol on the first elevation with cladding fixed above. The cladding was counter battened to the Durisol with no need for drilling and plugging – a coarse cutter screw can be driven directly into the Durisol. Tyvek StructureGuard provided a vapour barrier and airtightness solution.

external finishes

external finishes

Internally the walls were finished with a dot and dab plasterboard with a plaster skim.

The developer plans to live in this house for the foreseeable future and take advantage of the thermal performance of the Durisol formwork. The high thermal mass of the concrete requires less energy to heat and keeps warmth within the envelope for longer to reduce heating costs in the winter. In the summer months, the thermal efficiency of the formwork and integral PIR insulation will stop the concrete core from heating in the sun, thereby keeping the house cooler.

Completed house